Oh dear Cheezits! Why?!?!

You know…I decided; I patched my game to that hideous 1.8 whatever patch. Everything was working fine. All my downloads were there, my sims showed up fine, etc.
However, I switched from one house to another and it did the “process” thing like it was about to zoom into the house and it stopped. The menus disappeared. I hit “m” for map view, nothing. Esc, just to see if it would work, nothing again. Enter, to focus on a Sim, for a third time nothing. I exited through Ctrl+Alt+Delete and task manager, went through things in my framework, deleted the caches again, went back in…same problem. I evicted the family of that house moved them back in…froze again. Exited, went through the measures, loaded it back up, evicted the family again, except I put them into a different house…but the same thing happened.
I have done this process now 5 times and it’s just making me ill. The other times I tried doing other things like making a Sim, putting in lots; all of that stuff is going fine. I’m starting to worry if it may just be that family and if so, that reallly REALLY sucks. Because that’s the family Jack’s in. 😦

I need help! Any suggestions?

My mods:
No build sparkles
No Zzzs
No muscial notes
No mosaic
The SuperComputer

Also I do not have the expansion World Adventures installed.

Doritoes and Sunchips,

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