Terrible at its finest hour

Ok, this is a small rant because I’m just freaking out…about this and a many of other things combined, which forces me to do something or go further down the psycho chain to a dangerous RED area that neither you, I, or innocents around me want to deal with at the moment.  Is that exaggeration?  Probably not.  I’m just not willing to test that theory.

I got the black screen of death today while playing the Sims…it would not load ANYTHING.  I hate it when people then ask you, did you hit M and go to Map view and see the town or build or buy mode, scroll out or in…or whatever.  What does “not load anything” mean?  It means I have tried absolutely EVERYTHING to see if anything will show up.

One, it played all right/tolerable the other day, Two, it played drastically slower yesterday so bad it was painful and I could not do anything, but exit.  Today/three, black screen of death.  I have not gotten any mods these three days.  And I have not patched to the latest patch…is that questionable?  Does EA have a timer on how long they want you to not update before they kill your game?  Except my game has not asked me to update though, because of forums and other communities, I know there’s a new patch.

I’ve had a very stressful day and my Sims not working makes it even worse.  You may not understand unless you have read the stories…and my TS2 to Ts3 page.  Loosing my Sims once again is very brutal on this poor mind of mine.  I really don’t expect any comments on this.  I just needed to make a small itty bitty rant or fear of self explosion.

crummy crums 😦

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