TS2 comeback?!?!?

Yeah, it might be true.  I have installed the Sims2 and Nightlife…I have remade Christine and a few others….I may start back on that story.  It doesn’t mean that the TS3 stories are going to be neglected, but there is a “hold” on them for right now until I have completely settled this down.

I did this mostly (echo: mostly) for my aunt.  She’s had a very rough technical time with her computer, which ended in its death.  The hospital guys did rebuild her a computer as a very nice gesture of mankind and are not going to charge her much.  However, she was told that her hard drive was burnt alive, which we are dummies and never back-up everything.  (We’re now or nothing type of people) She and I are hoping that the guys still have at least her my documents saved on one of their machines; because, they had said it at one time they did for a precaution when she brought it up there another time.

Crossing fingers, legs, arms, eyes 😉

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2 Comments on “TS2 comeback?!?!?”

  1. Aunt Dawn Says:

    Thank you MDP…but as you know (we have had many hand hugs and a few tears have been shead) Veronica and many other countless SIMmies have parished with the un-timely death of my computer…:o(
    Thank you for being there for me in my time of need.
    We will build again and remember thoes who have been lost.

    In Loving Memory
    Veronica Simmons

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