Oooh, she’s been naughty!

This is what I have been doing…

First, before I reinstalled TS2…I actually played TS3.  It may be odd to a few of you, but since I bought it…oh a year ago this July…I have not actually played the game and used it’s “features.”  I’ve only played young adults and a few regular adults in a story mode fashion, which means they do as I say or else!  I have no clue of the interactions with other aged Simmies…so…one must adventure and try it out.

I decided the best way to do this was to redo a couple of NPCs (one to see when they have children if their children will keep their parents redo appearance or their original appearance). 

So we have Erin Kennedy and Stiles McGraw(?).  He needs a new name.

I’m working on making a legacy out of them…that is if the heredity thing works out in my favor.  If it doesn’t then abandon ship and start a new family. 😦

Next, I reinstalled TS2…yes, it’s a bad thing to do, especially when you have a bad history with it…but oh well.  I’ve not learned my lesson, I suppose.  One should think to back up now…

So since I can’t play TS2 vanilla (because I know of all the great downloads out there) I must download greatness.  It has been a very aggravating process.  For some reason I can put in about two thousand hair (exaggerating), but only one stove at a time. [rolling eyes]  For some reason it also has a hard time with pose boxes, which…I’m not happy about.  In TS2 stories, I lived on pose boxes, which I will again.

I did do something productive with the game once I had the right amount of CC installed.  I remade a few characters…one being Wesley Villines.

Ok, Christine and some of the others were made too, but…seriously read the message on the picture!  (Yes, I’m obsessed, got to be obsessed with something or you don’t feel whole).

Well, then my aunt got her computer back and as some may know…yeah, it died completely…so we reinstalled TS2 on her computer and had to do the annoying, but required downloading processed, which hers goes alot smoother than mine.  Maybe it’s just laptops that’s the problem…hmm…one must think about it later…

Today I received an email from my aunt showing me her progress.  She’s made a couple, Gabe and Abigail Phillips and another couple sitting in the bodyshop ready to live.

As she said, “And so the saga begins.”  And I add, “again.”

I’ve also been doing alot of drawing lately…

This is Nova (the real vision “Oh my!”) and…[clearing throat]…[spoiler]SashaFire[spoiler]…

The pose I believe is from DeviantArt…for more of an explanation…I’m a pose stealer for I cannot make my own.  So if I have stolen your pose then you are an awesome artist! 🙂

For other things…

The Gang has been updated to Chapter 14: Without Fear. Yay! 🙂

Some may be like “hello, it was The Shadow‘s turn!”  And I will be like “oh…yeah…Nova didn’t want to be on the big screen…so…without his cooperation, it wasn’t going to work.”  Maybe he’ll be better tomorrow…

Cheerio! 8)

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2 Comments on “Oooh, she’s been naughty!”

  1. Aunt Dawn Says:

    Gabe and Abigail will have childern and Cole and Seara( who are now in the “family bin” ) will have children. The special ones from each family will turn into my main characters and form this… “Sunday Sims” will live…again!!! ( Evil Laugh ) MUHAHAHAH!
    Thanks MDP for all your help downloading in shifts. I couldn’t do it without you…HAND HUG! :o)

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