A lovely batch of…

I would like to say updates?  But none to have.  The next chapter of The Gang is going to be quite tricky.  Well…I can’t give the details, but it involves a lot of Simmies.  I’ve said before I’m never going to have “that many” in a house again…I may break the rule…again.  The Shadow on the other hand is going to take a lot more energy than The Gang because there’s some emotional crap going on. [Nova’s looking at me with suspicious eyes]  You know what I mean, emotional. [He nodded]  Okay.  Anyways, I don’t expect the chapters to be out any time soon, but I’d thought to give everyone the heads up to not be surprised if I have extend the deadline.  I hate doing it, but I have no control on this thing called time.  Wish I did, but it is impossible. [Shrug] Who knows what will happen and at what time anything will strike.  It’s kinda mysterious and dangerous all in one hit.

Well anyhow, I actually just updated Visions of Hell with theme prompt from Valley Sun Sims.  Enjoy it, if you will.


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