Warning: So important your head will swell

All righty…there are three things that I have to discuss further before any other actions are taken.

One: Promoting Best Friend’s site…it’s in my links “Mr. Hopeless.”

Two: I’m sure if you have read my aunt’s site “Sugar Coated Sims,” you know she will be posting her chapters every Sunday.  Also if you have read the first chapter you probably took a step back when you saw “NiNjeia and Peppermint Spiders.”  And you have probably already connected that the Veronica Simmons in The Gang Chapter 11: Without Surprises is that same Sim, except in TS2.  Never fear, my aunt’s stories have nothing to do with The Gang‘s storyline, except it has some of the same characters…some of which will have different names, aka Jack=NiNjeia.  It’s all right.  No need to panic.

Three: I am having major TS3 problems.  Let’s just say laptops are not meant to have TS3 because the game takes over an hour to load and it is so deathly slow in game play that it’s becoming too unbearable to play; therefore, I’m going to have to buy a desktop.  That will extend the deadlines for The Gang and The Shadow‘s chapter posting for I have to figure out the best way to transfer my game over to a new machine.

Hiy-de-ho to that. 8)

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