Another one bites the dust…

I just finished Obsidian Butterly by Laurell K. Hamilton.  I have decided that Edward is probably my favorite character…well…aside of Jean-Claude that is.  I like Damian too…hmm…but onto Narcissus in Chains!  Seriously, this has to be the longest book series in all existence…at least it’s a really good one.  My only complaint is that Anita doesn’t get enough sleep!  Dear Cheez-its!  She’s going on like 36 hours without sleep sometimes!  Sometimes more.  Well…unless she gets knocked out, but those events don’t count because usually it’s very brief and she feels worse afterwards.

Any how, back to the Sims stuff.  Still having troubles with TS3…I think it’s going to be out longer than I would like.  But I’m going to town tomorrow to do some shopping so I’ll try to hope around the computer places.  My TS2 is acting up now also.  Why does this happen to me?!?  I know it isn’t only me ask my aunt…jeez.  The TS2 problem started with Maxis statues…you know getting that error that wants you to Cancel, Reset, or Delete.  I hate that error…but it went onto my custom stuff now.  And I know it’s not just the statue stuff because some was from Miscellaneous.  It’s very annoying.  I love clutter!  My game doesn’t want me to have clutter!  Where is the compromise?!?  So basically, I took out all the new downloads I got today…well, I guess now, yesterday.  These downloads including poseboxes.  How I hate taking them out when I want them so bad.

I’ll try taking all my Downloads out then putting them back in, restarting the computer, and the rest of the works. 

cheese burgers. :/

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