UPdate? No, not really.

I think it’s about time I say a few words because usually this would be posting time.  There will be no update on either TS3 story until I get a new desktop.  I’m still looking around and haven’t been pleased yet.  If I had at least $200 more I would be happy to go up to Best Buy and buy a brand new computer…but that isn’t going to happen.

For Sims3 news a new expansion back called Late Night is going to be coming out and a Medieval separate theme for TS3 (like Castaways) is going to come out Spring 2011, at least that’s the news.  I don’t remember when Late Night is suppose to come, but I would expect soon considering how they’ve been popping them out.

Heck by the end of 2012 we’ll have eight expansions at this rate.  10 patches per expansion…oye…That’s just me exaggerating though, I think. [looking around]  Who really knows with EAxis.

For other news, Alternate Universe (TS2) will be updated some time this weekend or next week on Thoughts of Hell.  Yeah, never mind.  It’s updated.  Chapter 6.


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