Well over on Thoughts of Hell, Alternate Universe has been updated to Chapter 19 while The Gang has 21 chapters…err…AU really hasn’t been up for very long and is about to over take The Gang!!!  Such a shame.  It’s technical difficulties to blame on this one!  Actually I have up to Chapter 24 ready for AU, but I will not post them all in one bundle that would be wrong.  So, I’ll just slowly put them up there to be, well, dastardly of course.  Got to build suspense some way.

As for The Gang, I finished taking pictures for Chapter 22…not quite sure what the title is going to be.  I think I might be jinxed on that.  Someone had commented that it seemed that my titles come on easily…they do most of the time. Mostly.  A few of them I had to ask for help…it always seem to come in the form of older brother Bo.  He’s pretty good at titles.  Well half of the title is already there “without….” something.  I guess I’ll have to think of a double negative that way it’s positive. 😉

Expect to see Jack and Sally back in the next chapter though.  And Rez…and Angel…and Peppermint…

Oh the humanity or is that Simanity? 8)

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