Second Life

So…when my brother bought his new computer  the guy at Best Buy talked to us about the Sims and stuff because we asked ya know, do you think the Sims will be all right on this machine…of course yes was the answer.  Any ways, he went on talked about this online community of Second Life, which he said was like the next step in the Sims series, which I don’t know it might be a good idea for EAxis to think about.

Any how…the picture above is the character I created thus far…I got to figure out where all the free items are so I can pimp her out and give her the correct hair color…Her name is Pyper Novaland.  Pyper being my main Sim in TS2 and the Novaland because…well I’ll explain.  When choosing a username which is your avatar’s name you must select a first name then the system will go through it’s listing of last names.  Pyper’s actual (maiden) last name is Leeweld, of course it wasn’t on the list…so I spied Novaland.  I thought it was funny.  So did Nova.

Of course I downloaded the program and all of the stuff at one in the morning and went to bed a little after two…so I haven’t gotten to explore that much…yet.  Also in my agenda of Second Life…this character really needs to look more like Pyper…she was accidently made so 1) it’ll be difficult to get use to the sliders in Second life 2) I need to get the laptop up so I can have a picture of Pyper (Sim) as I redo Pyper (SL) and 3) we need to find better clothes [shaking head] I knew I should have chosen the red head.

Later 8)

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2 Comments on “Second Life”

  1. mchick101 Says:


    Hey, I just happened to see that you commented in my update at GoS about the TS2 story I post. So I was just checking out this journal and noticed your post about Second Life.

    Just wondering if you’ve had any more time to explore SL? I’ve been on and off SL for years myself.
    Maxis actually had an online version of the Sims, sort of like SL, years ago however it didn’t do all too well.

    • Ello,

      No, I haven’t really explored it at all. Actually I haven’t played on it since I posted this. I’ve been meaning to go and adventure, but really haven’t had the enthusiasm. 😦

      Maybe Maxis will think about going back to the online version…though, I don’t think I would do it if it was for pay, but if they did it for free and we were allowed to modify our simmies, with custom contenet, I would probably check it out. 😉

      Thanks for commenting. It’s always nice when someone stops by and has a coffee with me.


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