Isn’t he the wonderfulest?

Yeah, I know this is my Sims3 site and I’m posting a Sims2 picture.  Well, I usually get more views on UPdates and such from this site than over on Thoughts of Hell so I’ll just post this here.  Vaiden and the girls: Zarah, Tatiana, and Lewej.  These are actually the remakes of them.  I know some people are probably confused because I’ve posted pictures of the original them in the chapters of Alternate Universe as well as new ones of the new them.  Confusing.  However, this is the new them and will be the only them…well until after Chapter 24 is posted that is. 

I might have Lewej sporting this new hair by NewSea, retexture by Morri.  It looks nice on her, but the complete down version doesn’t suit her very much…however there is a Peggy hair that does, but I’ll have to recolor it.  Why does everything have to be so damn difficult…it’s the color of her original Peggy hair, yep, I’m blaming that.

As for TS3, no I haven’t forgotten about The Gang.  I’ll work on it sometime…yeah, that’s my lame answer.  I really have Simlish writer’s block on it.  The scene and all.  Yep, I know exactly what’s going to happen in the beginning and the end, but the middle, well that’s a whole new ball game.  So I need your help, readers/viewers.  Do the poll below!

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