TS2 Phenomenon

I’ve posted at Valley and Black Pearl about my mishaps with TS3…and though complaining is something I like to do…I just don’t feel like doing it right now.  For you to know, me and TS3 are fighting and its all going downhill.  I’m not happy; therefore, I lean on TS2 to continue the rebuilding of Alternate Universe…and I’ve decided to make Hell also.  Hell is my only neighborhood in TS3, 13pumpkin and my neighborhood in her computer, and a neighborhood on my previous laptop, Dude.  Though usually Hell is lush and prosperous (when pigs fly), I made it as a dirt (rustic) based neighborhood. (There are too many neighborhoods in this paragraph!)

So I’ve been leaning on TS2 alot lately.  The computer, Vivian, probably feels abandoned.  I recreated Nova, using recolors of NewSea’s aMAZing hair from MYB.  Isn’t he just AWESOME!!!  And soooo gorgeous! 😉 He’s always gorgeous. 

It’s actually true in the previous Hell I never played Nova.  Actually I only had, I believe, 3 pictures of him total from photoshoots.  By the time TS3 came around, Nova was a hit (in my world).  I developed his character some more and fell in love with him.  So what do you guys and gals think about him?

tator tots and chicken. 8)

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