What the F#%& is Happenin?

Lots of stuff…Over on BlackPearlSims I posted Jack’s house Sim2IFIED.  There’s more stuff on previous pages too if you want to check it out.  There’s a lot of pictures of Nova as well.  A long time ago before I finished making The Shadow, I thought about doing adventures of Shadow Nova in TS2, not TS3 (because during that time TS3 was as stressful as ever).  However, I never did it because I didn’t want readers/viewers to get confused.  I’ll put it in simple words of why I’m doing this sudden switch back to TS2.  It is easier to handle that game.  I feel soooo much less stressful playing it and that shows in Alternate Universe because everything looks so natural and comes along so easily (that’s a lot of sos).  I’m not saying that TS2 is better than TS3 as a whole, I’m just saying it’s better for/to me.  Just my opinion and in no ways can clearly show or tell you if the game is right for you, because I’m not you and I can’t make that decision for you.  Play it for yourself and then decide.

Grumpy?  Oh yes.  School has made me this way.  Blame education.

Type to all soon!!!  Hopefully in a better mood too.

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