UPdating the AU

Alternate Universe has been UPdated to Chapter 25 and there’s a little Cast of AU on the main page of Thoughts of Hell for all to enjoy, which still makes me go grr when I notice that AU has only been up for about seven months and The Gang has been up for over a year.  [sigh] Oh well…I’ve made some progress on the recreation of The Gang Sims2IFIED. 

If you’ll notice down in my links there’s a “Tears of Hell.”  That’s going to be the new home of The GangFrydgriffon asked me not to take down the original Sims3 The Gang so I’m going to respect his wishes, which is new.  Also on Tears of Hell, I’ve already moved The Gang‘s Character Spotlights with Sims2 pictures of them.  YAY!!!  Well, except Toulouse Zane, he gets his family CAS picture because I just keep forgetting about him. 😦 

Man, there’s a lot of “The Gangs” in this post.  ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!


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