So what’s going on?

Hey, peeps…ya know I haven’t typed in awhile.  This is when you all need to band together and send me angry messages.  Just kidding.  No angry messages. Awwww. 😦

What’s going on?  Well, not much actually.  You see, 13pumpkin has been going through some massive technical difficulties involving her Sims2.  I’m over here trying to help her.  We went through everything to find what the problem could be in her game and found no trace of issues.  We went through every step/tutorial/helper advice to fix her problem, but ultimately it was all FAIL.  The gist of what the problem was, was that her game kept crashing once her Group.cache would generate up to 13.1 MB.  Yeah, you heard right 13.1 MegaBytes.  My game only goes up to…487 KB.  But she had like over 60,000 downloads…I’m in the 12,000s.  It didn’t matter where she was in the game, but if it didn’t hurry up and get past 13.1 MB it would crash.  Again like I typed above we went through EVERYTHING.  Three days worth of sifting.  That’s right sifting.  Using programs: Delphys Download Organizer, SimPE, CleanInstaller, etc, also our brains, but non to prevail.

We had to terminate the game.  It’s all right though.  She did the back-up thingy and we have her Simmies as safe as possible, considering they’re in like 5 to 6 different places.  And I recommend that to everyone.  So…it’ll probably be awhile until Sunday Sims is UPdated.  She’s going to have to go through the recreation process.

As for the stories…

The Gang, which has been soooooooo long over due to be UPdated is…being pushed back.  I know, I know, but you still have to make all of the conversions from TS2 to TS3.  I’m trying to decide if I should just continue the story now and fish in conversions as I’m going.  My sidebar will look wack, but…I don’t know how much time it will be until The Gang is operational again.

Alternate Universe, on the other hand, is going quite well.  I actually have up to Chapter 38 in pictures (not posted).  Right now on Thoughts of Hell, AU is UPdated to Chapter 32(?) I want to type. Oh geewez she doesn’t even know what chapter she’s on.  Hey!!!  I’ve been sifting through someone else’s downloads! It’s wear and tear on your brain seriously!  The important thing is that I know how many chapters is have on file…right? 😉

Well, anyways, this has been another exciting UPdate by Creator Lady MDP.  Good day. 8)

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