A lot going on in the Sims world.  BlackPearlSims has a lot of challenges going on and I’m still trying to decide if I want to enter one of them, or two, or three.  On ValleySunSims I’ve put up a new writing prompt, which…I need to do some of my writing prompts, considering I have major writer’s block (and sketcher’s block, but that’s for a different time). 

I just read the UPdate on Sunday Sims.  Awesome story and can’t wait to see everything for next Sunday.  Weapons of Choice UPdated yesterday if anyone noticed or not.  Love the story.  I’m glad that they’re posting chapters again.  New story, Fortune and Romance, that I love put up a teaser for Chapter 3.  Many, many, many more stories can be found on either ValleySunSims or Garden of Shadows.

As for UPdates on my sites:

The Gang, Chapter 7: Without Reason RE-Post is on Tears of Hell.  Currently, I’m working on a double Chapter 8: Without Gossip and Chapter 23…it feels kinda nice not having to match up pictures. 🙂  I’m not sure if I’ll post Chapter 23 soon or not.  It’s been sort of a mind bugging question.  Should I go ahead and post new chapters as I’m remaking previous ones?  The sidebar would be extremely funky looking and new readers…would be a little confused, but I could always link them to the original chapters…Please comment your opinion.  It helps when readers tell me what they want so I can accommodate you all.

Alternate Universe, Chapter 40 was posted on Thoughts of Hell.  I feel like I’m acheiving greatness with this story.  I’ve never made it to this level in posting stories. 😉  I hope you all are enjoying this as much as I am.  I promise to post Chapter 41 in the next few days.  You know I can’t resist posting early.

This has been another exciting UPdate by Creator Lady MDP.  Have a nice day! 8)

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