Sends Shivers Down My Bottle

Oh the day is grand…not really.

Yesterday UPdates:

Alternate Universe, Chapter 42! WAHOOO!!!

And that’s about it for my stories…

As always Sunday Sims is UPdated on Sunday.  Goodbye_sun posted another new chapter of Like Blaming the Rain this month.  I was like WOAH! when I saw it.  Fortune and Romance did have Chapter 3 posted sometime ago…I forgot to UPdate that with you all…

Not much is happening this week or last week I guess.  I’m still working on Chapter 8: Without Gossip for The Gang remix…it’s taking a lot longer than I anticipated to redo all of these pictures.  It doesn’t help that I have to build sets.  Silly me.

Oh!  And I have been working on challenges on BlackPearlSims…yeah that might be the reason there’s not been that many UPdates…well that and the BIG project I’ve been working on for the last month, on and off.  I’m just going to through some teaser words at you: ruins, futuristic, and bright red hair for a main character.  Oh yeah, you read right, bright FREAKIN red hair. 

Not sure when I’m going to launch this project for you all to enjoy.  I will have to be after AU is done…which [cringe] could be sooner than expected.  13pumpkin has expressed where she wants the story to end…and I’m like…NAHHHH!  I also have a project working in the mix with Nova…I would like to do his new story in comic style, but I’m not sure if it’ll work out…I would work better if I had Adobe InDesign, but I don’t…we see though.  That project is still up in the air.  Some folks over on ValleySunSims are all for me doing another project starring Nova.  Again we’ll see.

Good day 8)

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