Story UPdates

Yay!!!  Goodbye_sun UPdated Like Blaming the Rain.  It’s an exciting chapter!

Fortune and Romance was also UPdated to Chapter 4.  I really really like this story.  Actually just the other day I realized (with the help of some other fan comments) that this story is based on the Maxis main families (like the Goths, etc.).

Of course Sunday Sims was UPdated on Sunday over on SugarCoatedSims.  The story is progressing very nicely…and hopefully 13pumpkin will be able to put out another chapter this Sunday.  She’s been doing a lot of contests on BlackPearlSims and that’s a distraction.

Various other stories have been UPdated on ValleySunSims (along with some newbies) and Garden of Shadows.

As for my work…

Alternate Universe has been UPdated to Chapter 43 for a few days.  It is winding down…we may only have 7 chapters left. Dun DUN DUN!!!

The Gang (remastered) is still sitting on Chapter 7: Without Reason.  I will be working on it some time today or tomorrow.

I’ve been working on other little stories within my game and I’m probably going to pitch some ideas at all of you for which story I should start after AU ends.  There’s another Sim Challenge, a Monster Heartbreaker, a story involving a certain Shadow Being, and a POST Apocalypse spin.  Pictures should be up probably sometime next week with a poll.

Butter and Toast 8)

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