How Morbid

I’m doing it to myself again.  I’m making yearbook pages!!! :0 Yeah, it’s horrible.

This is the Senior Class of Misplaced Stream High.  If you remember waaaaaaaaaaay back I did one of Lost Valley High.  That one was pretty and turquoise.  This one’s more morbid-looking with dark red.  Well the school colors are red and white soooo…why not.  There’s 20 kids in this (small town); however unlike LVH, only 6 of them are of my creation…the rest are EAxis remakes.  Actually, the only things I changed on a few of the EAxis Sims was their hair and make up, these include: Amar, Garrett, Adrian, Ichelle, Sophie, and Keith.  Quite a few actually.

I did a little analysis with these teens because that’s what the inner scientist kid told me to do:

Eye colors
Blue: 7
Brown: 5
Green: 6
Grayish: 2

Hair colors
Black: 8
Blonde: 5
Brunette: 6
Red: 1

Skin colors
Pale: 4
Medium: 2
Tan: 4
Dark: 4
Custom: 6 (which are the ones I made: Gwen, Johnny, Jin, Trevor, Kristy, and Dillan)

Other little fun facts:
1 set of twins: Gwen and Johnny
5 half-siblings: Garrett, Adrian, Ichelle, Tyson, and Keith…Tiffany Lee (not pictured) is their other sibling, but I’m pretending that she’s in the grade below.
1 pair of glasses
2 sets of pinktails
8 curled hairs
(If you see anything else that I’ve missed give it a whirl and comment)

It took freakin FOREVER to do this 1 picture!  I was having a really hard time getting everyone in position to see all the faces.  Usually in such a large group I would have some kneeling or sitting on the ground, but I said, “NOPE! They’re all standing this time.”  What a louse.  But ultimately the picture came out rather well I think.  It’s actually the first time in this big of a group that I made everyone different heights using the “stretchskeleton” cheat because in real life there are a variety of heights.

In addition to all of this creativity, 13pumpkin requested that I make her a Senior plaque (very clever idea) of her Simmies over on Sugar Coated Sims.  Therefore, we ended up with this:

She took all of the initial Sim portraits. I just put them all together with a nifty background courtesy of DeviantArt.  There’s 13 Simmies here so it’s an even smaller town than my neighborhood. 😉

As for the story UPdates:

Alternate Universe is up to Chapter 44.  We are getting ever closer to the conclusion.  I know…it’s ending. 😦

The Gang is remastered to Chapter 11: Without Surprises.  I’m working on the next few as well as new chapters.

Also I’m working on a whole new batch of stories, one that actually includes those Seniors of MSH.  I’ll put up a poll sometime for everyone to pick what type of story they would like me to do.  There will be teasers in the future!  So…BEWARE!!!  Or should it be beWARY?!!

hotdogs and chips 8)

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