Stolen from skellington7d writer of Fortune and Romance.  She stole it from someone else, but I can’t seem to remember who…

Q: How long does your game take to load?
A: Depending on how Chrome, the laptop, is acting…20 minutes from play please to main screen where you select neighborhoods…I haven’t calculated any farther.

Q: When making a Sim, what do you prefer: adult male, adult female, teen male, teen female?
A: Hmm, this would have to be investigated farther…I try to keep an even amount…but actually I believe I might have more adult males than any of the others…

Q: How long does your Body Shop take to open?
A: At least ten minutes. How long does it take to close? Freakin’ forever!

Q: Do you make more Sims in CAS or in Body Shop?
A: I definitely make more in CAS than in Body Shop…however, I have a selection to pick from that were made in Body Shop.

Q: What’s your favorite hair color to put on your Sims?
A: Actually this I have already investigated.  I really make more red heads. 🙂

Q: How many babies have your Sims ever had from one set of parents?
A: Eh, my Sims regularly don’t have children.

Q: How often do you experience a glitch?
A: I won’t say never, but not a lot.

Q: Do you make your Sims straight/gay/bi/lesbian very often?
A: All of the above, I’m not bias.  Except for incest…I don’t have any of that…yet. MAHAHAHAHA!

Q: Does your neighborhood have a theme?
A: Well…I have three neighborhoods. Lacrose with the many sub-neighborhoods including Misplaced Stream, it is just full of randomnesssesss.  Hell is for my story The Gang. StrangeWater Cove is…I cannot reveal because it would be a spoiler.

Q: How many downloads do you have in your game?
A: 3.84 GB, 16,031 files…all of which I use.  I don’t download anything unless I know for sure that my Sims will wear it or have it in their house.

Q: Who is your favorite Body Shop CC creator (meaning skins, eyes, hair, makeup, etc.)?
A: Skins: Pooklet, chakuru; Eyes: dragonmandy, Yumedust, and Shady…so mostly from MTS; Hair: Rose, Newsea, and recolors by Morrisimia; Clothes: JassSims, SimplyStyling, DandyBoy, and Alex+Sims2=Error, plus many random sites that I just can’t remember right now 😦  Makeup: Bruno, JustSims, and some others around almost every big forum.

Q: Who is your favorite CC creator for build and buy?
A: Well…this depends…I like to get a variety of themes.  Kativip of GOS has awesome grunge/historical sets.  MTS, of course, has all kinds of building and buying that I have.  Even though I hate to admit it, TSR has some great creators and good stuff that can be found on the booty.  BlackPearlSims also has awesome creators.

Q: How often do you play?
A: It’s really hard to say…I don’t really “play.”

Q: Do you watch Sims machinima?
A: No, not really; though, I have watched some really great ones in the past…

Q: Do you read stories/comics made with the Sims?
A: Can I type, duh.

Q: What expansion packs do you have?
A: I have (BaseGame, of course) University, NightLife, Business, BonVoyage, Freetime, and ApartmentLife.

Q: What are you views on building and decorating?
A: Again depends, if it is a family house then the rooms separately must show what each individual Sim is like, the house as a whole should reflect that Sims live there.  For those whom are roommates to just a single household then the whole house should reflect what those Sims are like…either they be a neat freak or pack rat.  On the outside however I have an actually “must-have.”  The terrain of the ground, especially grass, should not be perfect green, there should be weeds, flowers, dirt, etc.

Q: What is some body shop CC that you tend to over use?
A: Oh, hell…certain lipsticks, eyeliners, and skintones…though I have plenty to go around.

Q: How often do you need to use “Familyfunds”?
A: Every once in awhile when I forget to move a family on a lot before I build the house.

Q: Do you like doll Sims?
A: Explain.  I control as a storyteller, there’s not really “playing.” They are stuck until I make them move so that could probably be illustrated as “dolls.”

Q: Have you ever killed your Sim(s) for the fun of it?
A: Oh yes…just ask Serial Killer Jen. 😀

Q: How old are you? When did you start playing?
A: 20.  I started playing Sims on the console with Sims Bustin’ Out…that was in 2003, I skipped TheSims for PC and went straight to Sims2…so 8 years. (I still play Bustin’ Out every now and then)

Q: Do you ever base a Sims family after your own home life?
A: Nope, never.  It would be very boring; however, I do have a self-sim Shelly Michelle that participates in various stories.

Subway, tuna. Yum 8)

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