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ValleySunSims is on hiatus.  I’m not going to discuss how or why, just that it is so.  Ok, so it’s on hiatus and a lot of people are upset, a lot of left the forum (not me though).  It was a great place to talk about writing and such.  Others expressed the sadness for the loss. 

Sooooooooo, why am I typing this?  I made my own forum!  TA-DA!!!  It’s not just about writing, but photography, Sims-related stuff, and just general fun.  I call it Hell Has Spoken.  What? It’s my forum! I can call it what I want!  And Hell appeals to me, not in the regular sense obviously.  We all go through a lot of hell anyways in our games, average lives, hobbies, etc.  I just wanted it to be proper…so our hell has spoken.  It’s a way to get it out.

I hope you stop by and join!  I really need some members! 😦  8)

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