Nova & Girls

A little history with Nova and his girls as I thought it was a pretty fun photoshop.

Nova’s first love was found in the wilderness with a little blonde, green-eyed beauty.  He doesn’t like to talk about this past as he feels that it is too painful.

But the past is the past, Nova moved on from that pain and met girls who can only be described as every man’s fantasy.

Firstly, is Cassie Ask…Nova’s best friend.

She was featured in a chapter of The Shadow (TS3) as Nova’s supposable lover, but really they were just friends with benefits.  Their “relationship” ended on mutual feelings.  They were better friends than lovers.

Next is Salem Ryder, Vampire.

She was one of the main characters of The Shadow.  Salem and Nova’s relationship was a combination of fear, lust, and just plain fun, but Nova felt it was missing an important element, passion.


In the future…there will be this girl, who shall remain nameless at the moment.

And some candid moments:

If you can identify the girl, I’ll give you a cookie. 😉

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