Makin’ a New Story

Below are teasers for UPcoming stories…but I’m a little unsure which one should be posted next so it’s up to you the readers/viewers to decide.  Take the poll. Please. 🙂

First up is a familiar face (in a different game) Nova.  I had put this “Preview” up a couple of months ago, but it’s making it’s official debue as a teaser today.  I’m still working on a proper title for the story, but right now we’ll just call it, “A Nova Story.”

Next, we have our friends of the Jarson West Gate Aslyum:

So your average Asylum challnege with not-so-average Sims. 🙂

Meet the royalty of Demon’s World.  They may have pleasant smiles for the camera, but there is soo much bitterness, treachery, and secrets among those of the palace.

Meet Gwendallynn, a senior at Misplaced Stream Highschool.  This story is kind of like the “simple life” aspects, similar to 13pumpkin‘s Sunday Sims, but I can never be as sugary as her. 😉

Welcome to StrangeWater Cove home of the Maxis Remakes, not to be confused with Maxis Match.  No one here was made off of the original Maxis Sims.  I RE-made each Sim family (of my choosing) between multiple Maxis PRE-made neighborhoods, not all of them from Sims2 for the PC.  I think it will be a delightful spin.

So there’s the stories to choose from, now take the poll below and comments not required, but greatly appreciated. 

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6 Comments on “Makin’ a New Story”

  1. Kiri Says:

    Nova is too dishy not to have another story about him.

  2. Tipix Says:

    Oh, too many choices for just one vote! What a tease.

    They all sound so exciting. I’ll have to go with StrangeWater for the fact that I’ve always wanted to retell the stories of Maxis characters myself. I’d love to see what you could get up to with such a large cast. Nova is a close second, though.

  3. pinkfiend1 Says:

    I’m disapointed I can’t choose more than one option, as I love the Demon Worls as mush as Stragewater, but strangewater won, just.

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