Telling of News

Well…it seems like it has been awhile since I’ve like actually posted and typed to you guys about what’s going on…so here we go.

I’m newly employed so that’s the reason why I haven’t been UPdating like a Mofo.  I’m an assistant photo editor. 😀  It’s fun to mess with people’s pictures, but sometimes it’s just a repetitive thing.  Need black and white, spots taken out, restoration of old pictures that have color issues or molding. Eck.

The Gang is kinda on hold.  I’ve got to finish building and adding characters, mainly the bad guys so the next chapter and future chapters go “according to plan.” Like that ever happens, but once all of the old chapters are remade, which I’ll post them all together…I will also be posting five new chapters.  So I’m pretty excited about that.

Reowned Promises, a Nova story…is in workshop for a second chapter…I have half of the pictures and will be trying to take the rest of them over the weekend, but with me working and a lot of things at home not getting done…we’ll see.

For other stories…

Sunday Sims will return this week…we hope.  13pumpkin had been having game issues and contest issues, but they’re working out. Excited to see Chapter 40.

Fortune and Romance was UPdated to Chapter 7 June 23rd…sorry that I didn’t UPdated sooner about that, but I’m sure if you’ve been on the LJ sites or Garden of Shadows, you already knew about it.  I’m extra excited to see what happens in the next chapter.

And if you know anything about goodbye_sun and her stories (100 Days of Sorrow, Like Blaming the Rain, Weapon of Choice) let me know…they haven’t been UPdated in awhile and I’m kinda worried.  She’s an awesome writer and Sim photographer so I hope that she keeps it all up, but you all know how real life is.  It’s a pain, but what are we to do.

I also entered a CAS contest over at BlackPearlSims so show some support please when the polls open UP. 🙂  Also Hell Has Spoken has been UPdated with potiental contests in the future.  We did start a photography challenge, but it seems that no one has entered so it’s going to be postponed until others join.

All righty…I think that’s about it…

Dr. Pepper 8)

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