100% Jeanius

I love that shirt…

Anyw(h)ays, The Gang has been completely UPdated in TS2 format.  Yep, new chapters will be posted soon.  I type “soon” and you all are going “that means months or never.”  No, actually I’ll be posting a new chapter every week for five weeks because I have that many new chapters ready for you guys and gals.  I’ll be UPloading the pictures today and working on the caption end.

Reowned Promises…it’s a different story (no pun intended).  I still only need the second half of the chapter’s pictures, but have been too lazy to do that whole “pose scenes.”  It does get a little old and aggravating after you’ve “posed and scened” one billion times, but oh well…the story must go on!

Sunday breakfast/going on brunch 8)

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