Throw those Lemons

(title shout to simslia)

All righty. 

If you haven’t noticed (which is fine, there’s no hurry), The Gang is completely UPdated to TS2 form so new chapters are in the future.  Isn’t that amazing?

Reowned Promises is also UPdated to Chapter 2. 😉  Finally, right?  It’s been awhile.  Tooooo long.  I don’t really expect this story to be a really long one like The Gang or Alternate Universe, but still…I don’t like UPdating monthly instead of my screwed UP method of every other ten days, but the new job gets in the way of that.

As for other stories:

Fortune and Romance has been UPdated to Interlude II.

Drifter is UP to Chapter 6

Operation: Population has 3 new chapter UPdates.  Rad is AMAZING!

Senate‘s Bella Files have been UPdated to Chapter 2…I’m going to add that to my links as it isn’t yet. Added.

You might have noticed that Sunday Sims hasn’t been UPdated in a couple of Sundays, but I’m confident that 13pumpkin might be able to get a new one out this Sunday.  She’s been having some game issues and this new chapter happens to also have a lot of Sims on one lot, which is always tough.

And alot of other stories have been UPdated as well…if I didn’t shout out to you, I apologize, but there’s a lot of UPdates from last month and this month and I’m pretty tired so if you want to know about more UPdates, go to Garden of Shadows: Bedtime Stories, BlackPearlSims, Hell Has Spoken, or just randomly click on some of my given links.  All great stories, which deserve a lot of credit for our entertainment purposes.

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