Shall We Begin?

Yes, let’s.

So The Gang is UPdated to Chapter 23 a NEW chapter. 😀  And because The Gang is now in complete running mode, my laptop has decided to be a bitch.  Yes, the laptop Chrome is now having issues…just when you think things are going well everything snowballs out of porportion.  I can still play the game and some other things, but it tends to lag pretty gruesomely.

Good news for desktop Vivian (which has TS3) is that the Sims2 has made its way on it.  Why?  Precaution one.  None of my neighborhoods have been put on nor any of Chrome’s Sims, but I’ll be putting them on there as backup.  Must be prepared for these things after all.  As it has happened to me waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too many times for me not to be prepared.

Any ways, where am I going with all of this?  Plans of actions.  Yes, plans, which is something I don”t really make out, but yesterday at work I decided to.  Everything needs to flow accordingly after all.  So almost ten pages full of plans for writing purposes, but not necessarily just for the Sims.  I do have several manuscripts that need finishing and it helps to jot down everything that needs to happen for the main plot or just several inspiring chapters. 

As for the Sim stories…I mostly battled issues with Reowned Promises, a Nova story.  So far the first two chapters have been sorta explosive so I have to continue that train of thought throughout the rest of the chapters.  Yes, that means no downtime or chapters just to discuss certain points of issues/background stories/character in-depth.  If you need more character in-depth The Shadow is always up for reading or re-reading.

Any how, what you’re really interested in is story UPdates:

Fortune and Romance has a Chapter 8 and last time I checked there was a couple of  teasers for the next chapter.  I’m interested how the rest of this story will develope as so far it is taking the Maxis route of events. 7skellington is brilliant though.

Pink’s Madness was UPdated August 26…

As was Intense Feelings…I haven’t read this story yet so I need some feedback. Is it a good story? What are your impressions about it?

Chapter 7 for Drifter, Jennifer always has beautiful pictures.  So crisp and clean.  I’m jealous. 😉

Chambered Hearts has a Chapter 3, great job Blu Paws!

Sunday Sims…still hasn’t UPdated and I’m not sure if 13pumpkin is UP for making a chapter this week.  She’s prego as most know and sometimes she just doesn’t feel good enough to sit at the computer and play.

4mamma UPdated her Life in Sun City to Chapter 4

There are several other stories that have been UPdated. Check them out on Garden of Shadows, Hell Has Spoken, the LiveJournal accounts, and BlackPearlSims…and any other story sections spread out through the Sim Communities.

If you would like me to post UPdates on your story just give me a shout in the comments.

As for my stories:

Hopefully I can have Reowned Promises UPdated before August is out, which is like next week.  Cannot believe September is so close.  How time flies because work takes up everything…

The Gang should be UPdated this weekend…should.  Don’t hold me to it though.

Also I would like to know your opinions about Maxis Match/Remake stories.

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