Don’t Speak or Do…

So you didn’t hold me to UPdating, did you?  I’ve had a hectic week as most can predict about RL.  But putting that behind us as it’s lame and is a wasted effort to even type about.

The Gang was UPdated to Chapter 24, but not Reowned Promises, which I had a plan for, but failed to follow through with.  Why?  Well…my laptop is having issues and I have progressively been moving everything to the PC.  I really don’t like moving computers like this, but it’s gotta happen.

And the next chapter of RP is pretty freakin’ complicated for posing/scene making.  I’ll probably end up photoshopping bits, which I don’t like to do…but will have to so the effects work properly. [shrug] What do you think about photoshopping Sim pics in stories?

As for The Gang, it’s going rather smoothly.  The anniversary of it being online is coming UP and I’m trying to think of something special for it…It’ll be two years in the making on September 19th. 

Why has it been two years and only 24 chapters?  Did I just put up a chapter once every month?  Well, for you newer readers…no.  I actually started on a private website maker, but the way pictures were input was pretty frustrating so I tried out Blogger, but never posted…then LiveJournal…it just wasn’t for me.  So by way of a member named Carnaxa I ended at WordPress and I like it here.

But between then and now…I’ve rebuilt (in TS3) three times…It’ll be twice for TS2…two laptop crashes and one PC crash…and twice for moving between laptop and PC.  Pretty complicated right?  Pretty stressful too.  The Sims can be a very heart-wrenching game.  Of course those calculations do not count how many times I’ve deleted the neighborhoods and started from scratch again.  I don’t really have a pinpoint number for that, but it’s double-digit I presume.

Anyhow, I’m hoping to UPdate RP soon.  As I hope to read some new UPdates from other SimStories as well. 😉

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