Wait that’s not rain!!!

UPdate statuses…well…I’m doing good, how ’bout you?  Actually, no, I’m very anxious…very, very anxious.  Really, really. 

Moving everything to Vivian, the PC, from Chrome, the laptop, has been very tricky and has forced me to think very creatively.  So I finally got a MediaFire account and started putting houses on it.  Well, the houses wouldn’t show up in my game…in after many reads and rereads of the directions on downloading, processing, etc. etc. of houses to UPload correctly in your game.  I (and 13pumpkin) finally figured it out.  So now I have to get the rest of my houses off of Chrome to put on MediaFire to put on Vivian.  Got all of that?

It’s not easy…well the hard part is the waiting.  It takes forever to package my houses then it takes even longer to put my houses in rar files to put on MediaFire…which doesn’t take very long to UPload or download, but yeah…waiting sucks big ones.

Also I’ve added a new link to TS3 Legacies and Stories: The Dollhouse.  It sounds very familiar.  I think I’ve had it linked before, but may have accidently deleted it as an inactive site…but it’s back and deserves lots of attention from you viewers. 😉

As for stories, which is what you’re wanting to know about…

Well, I got laid off of work so I’ll be getting chapters UP for review and then published and then working on new sets, scenes, and storylines while getting everything on Vivian in order so all of the new stuff will work correctly.  So…expect The Gang to be UPdated sometime next week and Reowned Promises not too long after that.

Pops and Lucky Charms 8)

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