Hey Everyone

Hey everyone!  It’s the last day of September…can you believe that?  Tomorrow’s going to be October…then suddenly Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and then New Years…how time flies when you don’t want it to…now for the more interesting stuff…

Story UPdates:

I’ve added Simtopi to my links.  It’s a wonderful story, full of suspense and wonderment.  Congratz to the writer for getting 40+ chapters (thus far).

Fortune and Romance was UPdated to Chapter 9.

The same as The Drifter. GO Jennifer!

If you didn’t know, which I found out the other day that Like Blaming the Rain was UPdated on September 17.  Yeah really, really UPdated! Thank goodness, I hope goodbye_sun doesn’t disappear again. 😦

dbloveshermac UPdated the Foliage Leagacy on the 17th also.

Steel’s final story part was UPdated on Pink’s Madness on the 23rd. 

dinuriel’s Realmspeaker was UPdated on the 28th.

And there are many other stories that were UPdated as well…Sunday Sims was not one of them.  We believe that 13pumpkin’s Hell neighborhood corrupted and are in the process of creating her a new Hell, but we hope there’s not going to be that much down time as we’ve saved the houses and Sims.

(All links to these stories are in my sidebar…that’s why I don’t present links in the discussion)

As for my news:

The Gang is UPdated to Chapter 26 and Reowned Promises, a Nova Story, has a Chapter 3, but I’ve been working on getting Chapter 4 and 5 ready.

I’m also in the process of technical stuff.  Mine, however, deals with moving processors, which some of my Sims did not make it.  I’ll present a list when the time comes on the UPdate of the first chapters on the PC, Vivian.  As for right now, don’t worry about it.  I’ve got everything working smoothly and I hope to have my stories UPdated next week….along with a special on Thoughts of Hell.  Yes, Thoughts of Hell, home of Alternate Universe.  That’s all I’m saying…typing…

Have a great day 8)

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