Are you crazy?

Yes, yes I am.  The first step is admitting it, right?


What’s been going on?  Well, I’m setting up the next few The Gang chapters (to 31, holy shamoly).  Does that mean chapters will be coming out sooner than expected?  Yes and no…I still have to put all of the pictures on WordPress, write, and type…preview…proof read (one billion times and still miss crap)…and blah, blah else that happens when setting up chapters.  It’s a lot more complicated than it looks…at least for my chapters.  I know 13pumpkin has a save problem…I’ve only had that problem a couple of times.

But the point is…there will be two chapters out before Halloween.  (Consider titles of chapters teasers)  I will be posting Chapter 29: Without Risk in the next couple of days…then Chapter 30: Without Masks at 5 PM Sunday, October 30.  It’s a Halloween special chapter whatchamacallit thing, but posted the day before because I’m going to be too busy on Halloween to work on the stories.  Why post it at 5 PM?  Well, Sunday Sims will also be posted that morning so let 13pumpkin have her usual slot…and to me Halloween is a night thing so it’s going to be posted when the sun is making its descent (here).

What else is going on?

Have you noticed the rather empty discussion on Reowned Promises?  Still moving that story to the PC.  The Gang is completely on the PC…besides a few houses.  I’ve actually thought about finishing RP on Chrome, the laptop…and formulating Nova’s next adventure on Vivian, the PC. (Yes, I name my stuff.  My piano’s name is Yvette.)

Also, as a smallish note.  Christine’s Story is back on the sidebar.

Still think I’m not crazy?  If you do, there’s something wrong with you.

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