Callin’ all SuperReaders!

I hate that show…

Anyw[h]ays, Reowned Promises has been UPdated to Chapter 6.

I do know that Simtopi had a new chapter come out awhile ago…I can’t recall when…but I do remember it was an excellent chapter.  I won’t give any spoilers just in case someone hasn’t read it.

The Drifter is UP to Chapter 11.

There is a new story on Simcave called My Life AS A DRAMA.  The first chapter came out yesterday, give the new writer some support. 😉  Obviously you have to be a member of Simcave, but if you aren’t…be one.  It’s a great forum.

4mamma’s story Life in Sun City has been UPdated to Chapter 13.

…and that’s all I have right now.

I’ve actually  been (re)reading more of Sims_by_Izza’s stories again…and a couple of asylum stories on Garden of Shadows. 😀  I know every freakin’ time I read those stories it makes me wanna make a leagacy or challenge…but I’ve got waaaaaaaaay too many stories and projects as is…but will that stop me? 

Condemned (which is no longer UP to view) was the one and only challenge I ever did and it was FAIL…on the 3rd day? Was it?  I can’t seem to remember…it was a looooooong time ago when I posted it.

But anywho…have a nice weekend. 8) MDP out!

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