Hands Held High

Today is Veteran’s Day so I want to start by saying that to every veteran far and wide, without your dedication and struggle, hardwork and determination, our country could not be the great place that it is.  For you who are brave and selfless to sacrifice your own self for the freedom of your loved ones, friends, and total strangers is worth more than the medals, plaques, or even parades held for you.  Your honor, courage, and strength is unbeatable and I hope you are well.  And to all parts of the military, from the past or the present, and to those of the future, thank you for your service.


So today is 11/11/11, right?  How many people freaked out?  I did not.  It’s just a date.  I don’t see why so many people would freak out.  11/11/11 at 11:11:11 AM or PM today, it’ll be the end of the world!  Well, the AM has passed so I’m looking for to the PM to tick by and give a “uh huh” look to the paranoid people.

Well, I’m working again and that’s where I am typing this.  Our server is down so that means nothing, but the Internet is accessible…so here I am.

Fortune and Romance put UP another teaser…so skellington7d’s getting ready to post a new chapter soon.  Hopefully sooner than later 😉

Sunday Sims is going to be on hold for a little while.  13pumpkin’s having a hard pregnancy and is on bedrest.  Hopefully she will rest.

As for my stories…Reowned Promises is UP to Chapter 6, The Gang is still heavily sitting at Chapter 30.  I’ve been working on getting the backgrounds of the separate sites…I need to get an autoFORMAT though…I’ve gotta take new pictures for RP…and need to type stuff for The Gang‘s next chapter(s).  Ugh…so much to do.

But there is a good thing about it being 11/11/11 today, EVERYTHING came out!  And I mean everything.  I’m looking forward to SKYRIM!!!  Well, I’m not going to buy it, no.  Maybe one of my housemates will though. 

It’s a thought and crossing fingers. 8)

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