Well Shit

Yep, I’m sick.  Sicker than a dog, the saying is.  I called in yesterday from the job to work the sickness out of my system, but it didn’t go as planned.

It’s a shame because it’s really nice outside and I would like to enjoy it, but no.  I must have a head that feels like it’s about to explode.

So this makes us a set back. 

I was going to post early this week for The Gang because I’ve got sooooo many chapters made up ahead of schedule, but I barely have enough concentration to type this post/rant/weepers, let alone enough concentration to remember where I am…or edit and post a new chapter.

So throwing away the idea of UPdating this week and perhaps next week if this (whatever this is) gets any worse.

I sorry 😦

But in other news, where are the stories?

Reowned Promises is sitting at Chapter 7 (where it will be for awhile), The Gang is at Chapter 33: Without Caring and Alternate Universe has an Interlude II

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