Sloppy Joe Goodness

Hi, I’m back.  Still got a slight cold, but I’m well enough to try and make a scene or two…or three…or sixteen…

What’s all going around the forums?

Actually not that much.  At least with the categories of the forums I check. 

Hell Has Spoken is dimenishing 😦  I wish things would pick up because I would love to do some things/contests/justforfun/laughs/blah, but I need members for that…so join if you haven’t!

BlackPearlSims is CAS contest-less as the host is very busy 😦 I’m not in to any of the other contests out right now…

I’m not that active on GOS like I want to be, but I’ve never been able to get into much of the discussion there.  I do however comment on people’s stories/legacies/challenges…or at least try to.  Sometimes I’m just not in the commenting mood.

But let’s talk hair. 

Peggy and Newsea are pretty much the creators that are making good hair (minus Peggy’s textures and colors besides dark brown/black).   Pooklet those SOBs! 

Don’t you remember the days when SimsArtistUnion, Raon, Rose, XM, Nookie, and HelgaSims were great competition?  Don’t get me wrong, I still very much LOVE their hairs and still use many of them today.  But it’s something to think about…

I’m still on the hunt for nice short guy hair.  Trapping had a really, really good one that I got recently.  And it was SHORT!  Not sorta, SHORT.  Guys need realistic hair every now and then. 

Actually, I’m on the hunt for anything guy related.  I know GOS had another manly theme for creations and I got most of the things in that thread (if not all). 

Enough about downloads.  Where are we in stories?

The Gang should have a new chapter out this week.  I’m not so sure about Reowned Promises.  I need to have a session for it and take ALL of the pictures UP to the ending of the tale.

Getting excited about what project I’m going to work on next 😀

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