I be Evil

So 13pumpkin wasn’t able to put out a new chapter 😦 We sad, but we have to understand.  It’s not easy being prego.

The Gang is UP to Chapter 35: Without Blaming.  No worries if a new chapter will come out soon because it will.  I have soooo many drafts in WordPress or on my computer.

Reowned Promises to Chapter 8.  I’m trying to decide how to…we’ll type…end it.  I “know” how it’s going to end, but…in Sims is much different than brain/minds/visions/bad hair day…ok not that last one.  I’m also trying to decide if I’m going to post Chapter 9 & 10 together so it all ends together or I can, you know, post 9 sometime this month and 10…one day in the future…that’s pretty vague, hey?  Got to make a plan [nodding viciously]

As for other stories out there…I have been lurking…so sorry.  I do know that Fortune and Romance UPdated in January…that’s about all as I haven’t been very active in any of the communities.

Hell Has Spoken is in the wraps of deadsite material, but I’m trying to keep it alive (with the help of Pink of course).  So we would appreciate it if you visited and had a looksie or even posted a thread or something.  There’s all kinds of forum games and discussion threads.  So come on down, we won’t bite…too hard.

Empty stomach…what the hell?!? 8)

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