Little hands, feets, and rants

Or are they?

Everyone go on Sugar Coated Sims to see a couple of cute little pictures of 13pumpkin’s baby.  I type to you, go!

So starting a long day starting at midnight…I’m tired.  But I’m also upset and the combination makes for a rant, sarcasm, and general unsympathetic remarks on my half, which may not be how I view the world tomorrow after some sleep, but as for now, I’m typing and ye be warned. 

This all happens when you expect a greater outcome then what you get.  And for those who understand contests, even Sim contests, know it’s a little heartbreaking sometimes.  I mean, for example, in my last monthly house contest, I didn’t place (I haven’t placed since the first contest I did back in October of 2010 in which I got second place and am really happy about still). 

When I posted stuff in my member albums people were like “your entry was so amazing” and blah blah blah, like always.  Comments that I do appreciate, but sometimes wonder if people just comment to get their post count higher.  Those who already have really high post counts, I believe them.  Others…not so much.

I shouldn’t enter contests in the first place as I’m…pretty competitive and cannot take critizisim very well.  That’s my dad’s genes talking.  But once you start, you find yourself doing it more.  I’m picky though.  I don’t just enter every contest.  It has to be one that I can work with and get inspiration to create.  And that’s probably why I don’t have high ratings or knowings around the community.

But continuing my scattered brain typing fest.  I consider myself, in a very snobbish way that I may or may not be proud of, a great Sim creator/designer/whatever even though I don’t put my Sims UP for download (which may change in the future, wink, wink).  Anything you create will be important to you and anytime someone says or doesn’t say that it’s not good enough then you get upset.  But one vote?  And I know who voted for me too…so thank you 13pumpkin. 

I’m actually embarrassed and slightly ticked off by that.  One vote, a family member vote at that, so bias already.  I’m not saying that mine was the best and down with the winner.  No, the winner definitely won and did a great job with his or hers Sim(s) creation, story, and pictures. 

I didn’t post a story with mine, which is odd for a Sim writer, but pictures can be pretty self explanatory, which is what I go for in all contests that I do.  After all, it’s a “Sim” contest, not a story contest, not a “let’s make a scene” contest, just a Sim contest.  So you judge the Sims, not the creator, not the scene they’ve put the Sim in, not they’re graphics, but the Sim itself.  That’s the point.  We have decorate contests for a reason, Sims not included, because they are not suppose to be an influence so they’re not allowed.

I’m not judging anyone, forums, hosts, members, voters.  It’s just my frustrations.  I try to be even in everything I do Sim-wise.  I want my houses to be just as great as my Sims and vice-versa.  I work really hard for that in stories and contests.


I wonder how many comments I’ll get this week in my members album…probably none after people read this 😉  Crazy girl, it’s just a game, get over it right?  It’s not life or death.  Nothing serious.  No, it’s not.  I agree, but everything I do is important to me from family, work, and hobbies.  I strive to do the best I can.  So a comment of your Sims were so amazing, some of the best in the community, my sarcasm rings in my ear, really, why didn’t you vote for me then?  I’ll never reply that though.  As one, it’s rude and two because usually those comments make my day.

I feel like I’m whining, which isn’t like me.  So I’ll end this and stop hurting everyone’s brains.

Nighty night.

Edit: I feel better now…

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