ROP Done

So Reowned Promises, a Nova story, is completed.  Now we have to be thinking about other things.

Alternate Universe, Book 2, OR, something else?  I have plenty of other stories out there if you all want something fresh, but if not, AUB2 it’s going to be.  Not that you all are missing Vaiden at all, right?

So comment on your thoughts. Pweez!

Also this makes me think about The Gang‘s future.  I’m sort of deciding to end the “season” at Chapter 40, but we’ll see.

Pepsi and fudge rounds 8)

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2 Comments on “ROP Done”

  1. lulustories Says:

    Good end to Renowned Promises. I am looking forward to something new from you ^^ Haven’t read Alternate Universe all the way through yet but I think I’ll start now.

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