So Let Me Tell You

What’s going on?

The Gang was UPdated to Chapter 39: Without Pride some days ago.  I’ve been working on the next few chapters as well.  Getting them into WordPress and doing some typing on it. (Enjoy the new background and header picture on Tears of Hell)

Alternate Universe B2 to Chapter 2 (YAY).  The same here…been getting the pictures into WordPress.  It’s actually going pretty well.

So far not many of the other stories have gone through much UPdating.  Surely Fortune and Romance will soon.  Skell says it’s going to be a BIG chapter with lots of juicy pictures.   The Feathergolde Isles (BACC) did UPdate with a name family name.  Bella Square UPdated on GOS (I need to put a link UP for it here).  Golden Flames‘s new chapter came out sometime ago…4mamma’s Life in Sun City has a new chapter. 

If I have forgotten your story…I sorry.  If you would like me to announce when your story UPdates please comment below with a link to your story.  If you’re looking for a good story to read: on this site I have a WHOLE bunch of links, including two video series now.  Also you can go to Hell Has Spoken, Garden of Shadows, Simcave, BlackPearlSims, and many other forums to find great stories.  There’s also some LiveJournal groups like Simfic50 or Simhaven that have great stories.

I’ll see 13pumpkin today (maybe).  I’ll ask her what her plans are for Sunday Sims.

As for what I’ve been doing.  PHOTOSHOOTS.  Yes.  Photoshoots.  Why?  For hanging picture purposes.  THESE are some excellent frames and since finding them (thanks 13pumpkin for the link), I’ve been going crazy with photoshoots.  Sims2 does have “Take a Picture” and you can order those photos via computer in the game, but those hanging pictures weren’t that great even with the default replacement texture I found. 

I’ve always wanted to learn to recolor pictures anyways so now I have more a reason to.  And it’s realistic to have family portraits hanging around the house.  Pictures of friends on your desk.  So…as probably a teaser of some sort:


It’s a learning process though…that I’ve been going through for the last few days.  I’m having trouble getting all of the pictures to show up in the recolors. [sigh]  For example: all the pictures with Toulouse would show up, but all the one’s with Drake, except one, wouldn’t show up.  It’s aggravating, but again, learning process.  I must be doing something wrong?  Even though it’s the same process over and over and over again.  Hmm…I do know I forgot to uncheck the recolor for the frame (not the picture, just the frame), so I have an extra one billion recolors for the frame in gray.  HAHA!

I’ll figure it out eventually.


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2 Comments on “So Let Me Tell You”

  1. Zhippidy Says:

    I adore when pictures of the actual sims in the story are in the home.

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