So what that title means Alternate Universe Book 2 Chapter 3 has been posted for all of you to enjoy!  YAY 😀

And if you’re wondering how to get to that UPdate…there’s many different ways.  On my sidebar is the list of my stories and sites.  So under Alternate Universe is Book 1, Interludes, and Book 2.  On the Book 2 thread I have the chapter title pictures, click on the pictures and it’ll bring you to that specific chapter.

Another option is to just scroll down to my MDP sites where Thoughts of Hell is.  That’s the name of the site that Alternate Universe is on as The Gang is on Tears of Hell.  Click on the name and it’ll bring you to that site.

Speaking of The Gang…I don’t believe I’ll UPdate it until sometime next week just to drag it out [insert evil genius laugh].  Though…I might end up changing my mind over the weekend.  Who knows these things.

So 13pumpkin and I didn’t get anything done over the weekend.  Well, she was able to finish her Walk in the Park entry for the May monthly contest on BlackPearlSims and was awarded second place.  Congratz. 

But what we set out to do for the weekend was ruined by storms and a very messed up computer.  Not hers, no, but one for her daughter who goes by the username Shalanae.  We had a wonderful plan to put the Sims2 on a computer and download her all the awesome content as her homecoming gift when she gets back from her dad’s this summer.  But no…SOB.

Because of the storms we couldn’t move on and try to get a Sunday Sims UPdate, but maybe she’ll work on it this week.  Let’s hope.

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