Waz UP

Not much on my end.  At work and am bored.  Restoring just one picture for two days is not my favorite thing in the world.  So…

I have lots of chapters from both stories sitting in drafts.  All the pictures are in order.  Just need some captions to go along.

I’m trying to decide what my new UPdating schedule is going to be.  The first two AUB2s were posted on the 20th of a month the next two chapters more like ten days apart.  I’m working on chapter 10 at home right now (that just tells you how far I am ahead of schedule) so I’m wondering to thy little self.  Shall I post two chapters instead of one the next UPdate?  Hmmm…decisions, decisions.

As for The Gang, the next chapter, 42: Without Pictures, is sitting calmly in drafts waiting to be “published.”  It’s been done for awhile now.  I actually had it done before Chapter 41: Without Confessions was posted.  The scene with Shane and Rez was a last minute decision.  I decided the chapter couldn’t be posted without it.

13pumpkin is wanting me to come over this weekend to work on not just photoshoots, recoloring, and such, but working on the next chapter of Sunday Sims.  If I don’t make any other plans, which I don’t see in the future, then I might just go over there and help her out.  I don’t know if the chapter would come out this Sunday or the next.  Probably the next.  She’s working vigorously on a contest for BlackPearlSims as of lately. 

Oooh, typing about BPS.  Head over there!  The CAS contest is UP for voting.  I entered along with other greats: takart, Sparkle, and Gigi.  We appreciate your votes!

Cheers XD

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