I see the future

Ok, so in the real world I’ve been working on a manuscript for a long time and I’m pretty close to getting it done.  Why does this matter?  Well, that means I’m going to have to take time away from the Sim stories online.  Behind the scenes…bet your ass I’ll be working on it, but as for posting and such…you’re going to be seeing a dimenish of my UPdates.

So what I’m going to do because I’m extremely ahead behind the scenes…hell I have over ten chapters ready for Alternate Universe Book 2….I’m going to post a butt load in one sitting.  The same for The Gang…except it’ll be alot less than AUB2 because I’m not that far ahead.  Usually I would revert from it because I like to drag out suspense, but it seems that anyway this goes, you’re still going to view it.  If it’s today, tomorrow, or in two weeks.  So why not sooner than later?

I’m still rolling it over in my head.  I’ll make a final decision soon.  You’ll know because there will be a lot of chapters released for your viewing pleasure. 😀

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