You know when…

To complete the title of this post: “You know when…you say to everyone in the community that you’re going to focus on writing your manuscript and put a hold on the Sims, but of course something has to happen.”

Well, that something did happen.  And that something is probably not what you’re thinking.

Both of my custom neighborhoods crashed.  Literally.   Yet the Maxis neighborhoods are completely fine.   

I do not know how or why this happen, but it did and now I’m rebuilding.

Rebuilding for me isn’t just getting the Sims and putting them in the designated lots.  Nope.  That’s just the easy part. 

I have to rebuild their memories.  I don’t know why it bothers me if they’re memories aren’t exactly how it suppose to be in storyline.  I mean, you all can’t see their memories so nobody can’t point and laugh: “That’s not what their memories say!”  Nope, but it bothers me when memories are screwed up.  I can always edit them in SimPE and I do from time-to-time when ACR kicks in and has Sims who should have absolutely nothing to do with each other make out. 

The scary thing is my freewill is off because I couldn’t function the other way.

Yes I know, go through your downloads folder and figure out what’s conflicting.  It’s not a download.  One because I haven’t downloaded anything in…weeks.  And two usually if that’s the problem your Groupe.cache will crash at the size 13.1, preferably when you load doors and windows.  There were no crashes at 13.1.  Almost one complete megabite, but not 13.1 bites.

So as far as I know the neighborhoods just got too claustrophobic, had panic attacks, and died horribly.  Of course I still have those corrupted neighborhoods UP so I can extract Sim presets and such.  Thank Batman that my houses are saved!  But alas, not decorated, which I hate most.  Redecorating is a pain because sometimes you just can’t make it exactly how it use to be.  I’ve been through it many times, which makes it just THAT much tiring.

So for three days straight I have been rebuilding Misplaced Stream, the neighborhood of Alternate Universe.  I just made it to (if you go by chapters and such with the stories) Interlude III.  Yay, time to make the kiddies again.

I haven’t even touched Hell (neighborhood of The Gang).  That’s going to be one giant bitch fight.  Mostly because there’s more Sims who are actively involved.  But it’s mostly tempermental on my part.  It’ll be the tenth (?) time remaking The Gang, counting waaaaaaaaaay back before I posted stories and the two (or was that three) times I did it in TS3.  It all sucks big time and I don’t enjoy it.

So basically this is just interesting/horrible stuff for you to know from behind the scenes because it won’t effect chapter postings and such.  You’ll barely notice and change…if you notice a change at all.

I’m still trying to hold myself onto concentrating on the manuscript though.  I have posted chapter 7 and 8 for Alternate Universe, but I’ll make “official” post notices on the Sim sites later tonight…I’ll probably post Chapter 9 as well.  The Gang won’t be posted until this weekend or next week…because I don’t have as many chapters ready behind the scenes.

peanut butter crunch and Dr. Pepper 😉

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