Yo ho, yo ho…

Ooooooooooooooohhhhhhhh, hello.

It seems I haven’t really typed to you all in a while…my bad.

I’ve been pretty busy with this think called writing and it’s being a pain in the butt.  Why, when I want to write, it does not.  Ridiculous.  Oh well.  My manscripts not making any great progress at the moment.

There’s other things I’ve been doing too.  Entering BlackPearlSims contests…rebuilding my neighborhood Misplaced Stream, which is now UPdated to the chapters I have posted! 

I’ve begun to rebuild Hell as well…but it’s a slow agonizing process.  These people have complicated pasts, which makes putting everyone’s memories in the right order a holy cheezits war!

War…SimGod versus game.  That’s the initial war.

I’ve been downloading (not excessively 13pumpkin).  I’ve got some new hairs, furniture groups, a really awesome Vampire one at ModtheSims, and a couple of other things here and there.

I also recently acquired Gadwin Printscreen…so I could start taking all my pictures with it.  I did for this month’s build for BPS.  The pictures are all right I guess.  I just hate having to reportion crap because my screen resolution is an odd size.  That’s why there’s the good ole “Action” button on Photoshop though…I still don’t like it.  I don’t like editing my pictures either though that sounds weird coming from a photo editor of profession.  I do it for work, why the hell would I want to do it in my spare time too?  Well…I do eventually.

Not that I have much to do at work right now though.

So Hell is going along sluggishly.  Misplaced Stream rather nicely.

It seems weird because Misplaced Stream actually has a bigger population in created Sims than Hell, but Hell has more main characters.  In Alternate Universe (which is played in neighborhood Misplaced Stream) there’s a lot of side characters like Jay Wishland (the Feline boy) and Caden Pearson (Tatiana’s boss).  They don’t have “complete” life histories among all the characters, such and such.  In Hell, big difference.  Everyone knows everyone through so and so (mostly the Drake).  So I have to make sure everyone meets each other at the right times or it’ll screw up the timeline.

Of course I can always go back in SimPE and change the memories if I do something wrong.  That’s just a pain though.

Well…I’m not sure how everything will go, but we should still be putting out downloads on Sunday for HellHasSpoken…but 13pumpkin is suppose to be travelling over the weekend so we’ll see.

We have over 100 members now and I’m excited about that. 🙂  Maybe we’ll start some activities and stuff.  I would really like to, but it takes people to be active to do those type of activities.

baked barbaque layz chips 8)

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