Long time no type

It has been awhile since I UPdated with you all…

Well, Hell Has Spoken did get new downloads a couple of weeks ago…I’m just too lazy to keep UPdating.  Ooopsie.

Fortune and Romance UPdated.

Feelings and Memories has a new installment.

Simtopi UPdated without me knowing…that was sometime ago though…

Golden Flames had a new chapter.

And I should be UPdating The Gang soon-ish.


Why have I been gone so long? 

Well, last weekend I was at 13pumpkin’s.  We had a good time while it lasted.  Around 6 am on Sunday morning I woke with horrendous back pain.  I’m kinda use to that so I ignored it and tried to go back to sleep.  At 7:30 I was up and as usual so was 13pumpkin.  So I went on my day, but 1:30 I was ready to go home.  Pain was really bad.

I spent three days in the fetal position, let’s just say.  Evidently I pulled the muscle that’s around your diaphram.  I don’t know how, but I do know I don’t want it to happen again.  It makes breathing a bitch, standing or sitting up straight just nearly impossible, and walking…forget walking, eating, or working on anything including work and hobbies.

I know, I know, if you pull a muscle the worst thing for you to do is crawl into a ball. You should stay active and work it out.  Bullshit.  Try doing that when you can’t breath!  It’s a bad idea if you ask me.

So it’s day…6…maybe I’ll eat a real meal today and work on things that need working on.  Yeah, maybe.

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