Giving Some Love and News

I’ve just gotta say that Song of Gaal by Zhippidy is one amazing TS3 story and I hope that you all go check it out 🙂 Can’t wait for the next UPdate.

And 4mamma has informed me that her game got borked transferring files so it is so sad that her story Life in Sun City is being canceled. RIP blessed Simmies. 😦  But she plans to make a new story and I hope you all will go support her when that story is released.

Still no news of Sunday Sims’s return, but since Halloween is coming UP, you never know.

As for my stories:

Alternate Universe is sitting at Chapter 11…another chapter should be posted over the weekend.

The Gang has been UPdated to Chapter 47: Without Benefits.  The next few UPdates of The Gang will be multiple chapters as I’m getting ready to fastforward in time after Chapter 55 there will be an Interlude to skip forward I’m thinking 6 months to a year.  Whoa.  I know.

Hell Has Spoken was UPdated with new downloads.

You must be a member to download.  Link under Other MDP Sites.

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