Awesome and not so much

Alternate Universe Chapter 13 is now posted!  Comments not required, but greatly appreciated!

I’m stepping back with The Gang.  I was going to post a total of 8 chapters by Halloween, but I’ve decided against it.  I’ve decided not to do a Halloween chapter (see this is why you don’t become ten chapters ahead. It causes scheduling conflicts)  So instead, chapters will be posted accordingly as they reguarly would be.  For Halloween I’ll post a photoshoot with all of them in their costumes.

I haven’t decided if the Sims of AU will have Halloween as there isn’t much out there for teens…hmm…I might do a black and white theme or masquerade ball instead, but it will also be a photoshoot instead of a chapter. 

Actually I do have some plans for AU’s “To the Extras.”  There is a lot of “past” explanation that I think will be lost in the storyline so I’m going to go ahead and post some of their pasts as in how Lewej met Vaiden.  That was really never explained.  A lot of stuff that should have been probably posted in AUBook1 will be part of the “Extras.”

So long and farewell 😀

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