And then there was…

An UPdate of The Gang!!!

I was just on GOS and saw a small maybe chapter for Strangetown, Here We Come. 😀

If you missed it (and how could you) Fortune and Romance UPdated at the beginning of the month.

Although I posted a new chapter, my muse is really low.  I drew a couple of pictures last night to help with inspiration, but still I can’t find my creative edge and without it, well, I’m just a horrible unenthused person.  Not bored, but unenthused.

Maybe I’ll try drawing again.

13pumpkin’s been without phone and internet for awhile so I don’t know what’s going on in her part of the world, but hopefully since she’s been off the internet she’s made some progress in restoring her game and possibly working on her story.  Or that’s what we all hope. 😉

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