Hurray for Spiderman

Alternate Universe B2 Chapter 24 now posted!  Oh yeah!

I’ve been slowly getting The Gang back up to speed behind the scenes, but of course “slowly” means time.  A lot of time.  It would help if my print screen pictures would stop showing up black. A major pain in the ass that is.

Anyhow, Sunday Sims UPdated on Sunday (of course) and I suppose 13pumpkin will have another new chapter for us this weekend.

Feathergolde Isles is going on Week Six.

Joseph posted a new chapter to Feelings and Memories on the 20th.

And…Strange Tomato posted a mini-update on Strangetown, Here We Come.

I want to give a big shout out to my dear friend 4mamma.  How are you?

Go and read and have fun 🙂

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