Let’s Do This

Chapter 25 of AUB2 now posted!  Thank goodness.

My game is slowly recovering.  It helps that my downloads weren’t destoryed, but rebuilding neighborhoods has always sucked.  I hate it, hate it, hate it.  I’ve backed up my neighborhoods before, had plenty of copies, but someway the game just won’t except them so it’s rebuilding from scrap.  I hate THAT even more.

Hell and Misplaced Stream have been made.  All of The Gang have been remade…though with an exception of a few background/side characters.  I’m sure I’ll eventually add them back in, but I’m more worried about my main characters first.

It’s sad because I was about to do a major scene with The Gang.  I had it all set up, building and everything.  All 30 sims were on a lot and now…restarting everything…that building doesn’t even exist and neither does all the scene making.  None of my sims live on sets or houses right now.  They’re all bunched up in a couple of lots that will eventually have some sets.

As for AU…it’s even a slower process as there were SO many sims in that neighborhood.  Whole families are gone…I don’t have those sims saved because most of them were made in-game rather in BodyShop.  Sigh…so much to go and so little wanting-t0-do-it in me.  Not that I’d just say screw it and not remake them.  That I cannot and would never do.  The stories must continue after all!

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